Solution used
Unsteered 4G
Multi-network SIMs

International roaming

SIM management portal

The challenge

With their smart metering solutions suffering from patchy coverage and network outages, our partner Solar Log needed global mobile connectivity that wouldn’t let them down.

Their global distribution channel came with a logistical nightmare: with smart meters and solar solutions worldwide, Solar Log had to procure, configure and send different SIMs to every single location they deployed.

Even then, those deployments often ended up in coverage dead zones. They were losing money and time in driving out to fix individual metering solutions, especially in network outages.

On top of that, Solar Log constantly had to reconfigure and restart their services if a meter went unused for a few weeks, as their SIMs would shut down during periods of inactivity.

Number of countries connected

The solution

Seamless international connectivity, with hassle-free SIM management.

Combining a hefty supply of our unsteered 4G multi-network SIMs with our operator relationships worldwide, we set Solar Log up with a ubiquitous connectivity solution. We built it to work seamlessly with their international distribution channel, so they can deploy smart meters and solar devices worldwide without worry.

We also gave them access to our SIM management portal and training on how to use it, so no more hassle driving out to fix SIMs manually again.

To quote one of their own customers: ‘it just works.’

‘Pangea and Solar Log are our connectivity partners of choice. They’ve tangibly improved our service, and coverage isn’t a hassle at all anymore. Now we can focus on our products rather than worry about the setup—it just works.’

Tim Haffenden,
Technical Director at NWT Solar (a customer of our partner, Solar Log)

The result

Now, for Solar Log, connecting their customers is simplicity itself. They’ve got a single powerful, reliable mobile data solution that works internationally, with no deployment or configuration headaches.

Cherry on top: they’ve seen £1.5m in revenue as a result.

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