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Intelligent mobile connectivity

The best option to replace PSTN technology

It’s more convenient and cost effective
Mobile can reduce the initial cost of replacing last mile connectivity: no ripping up roads or fiddling with cables. No waiting weeks or months for installations. Just plug and play.
It’s designed for the IoT environment
An upgrade to connectivity that can be controlled, monitored, and managed remotely (especially for multi-site deployments) is a game changer for traditional IoT devices that still run off the PSTN. And it’s an option BT’s replacement technology known as SoGEA doesn’t have.
It offers endless flexibility
Build the best connectivity for the job with endless options to tweak tariffs and terms, and a suite of intelligent add-ons to deliver the digital experiences your customers expect.
It’s faster
Opt for 5G and it can easily take you to everyday speeds of 100Mbps—perfect for high usage, bandwidth hungry applications. Compare that to fibre’s 40Mbps, and it’s easy to see why so many businesses are willing to make the switch.
It’s more reliable
Say goodbye to downtime. Over the air connectivity can’t be cut, and if there is a network outage Multi-network SIMs will seamlessly switch to the next strongest network.
Still not convinced?
See how intelligent mobile connectivity stacks up against BT’s alternative SoGEA
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What we offer

Intelligent mobile connectivity PSTN replacement services:

For low data applications
Intelligent 4G
For high data applications
Intelligent unlimited 5G
All using:

Intelligent SIMs

  • Single network
  • Unsteered Multi-network
  • Fully managed
  • Global coverage
  • Any amount of data
  • Flexible contracts

Intelligent add-ons

  • Self-regulating tariffs
  • Data aggregation
  • Network level content filtering
  • Local phone numbers

Static IPs

Available over L2TP

Best-in-class hardware

End-to-end 24/7 support

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