United Kingdom
Solution used
Single network SIMs

Unsteered 4G
Multi-network SIMs

Data aggregation

Public static IPs

The challenge

To get customers’ worksites online and keep valuable tools safe, our partner needed connectivity as fast and flexible as the construction industry.

With construction sites being rapid, temporary, and often in rural spots, fixed-line broadband was out of the question. Intelligent mobile data was the answer.

But it wasn’t just about getting workers online. They also needed to protect their heavy duty construction gear: power tools, generators, cement mixers, excavators, you name it.

Because when these tools break on the job, it’s a disaster. Sites have to shut down for hours or days to wait for replacements, and fixing the tools incurs massive costs. Not to mention, workers unknowingly using damaged tools risk being seriously hurt.

Construction sites connected
Savings in maintenance costs
£50-100k / month

The solution

As much or as little intelligent mobile data each site needs, with totally effortless deployments.

We gave our partner a batch of Multi-network SIMs for locations with many mobile networks, plus a batch of single-network SIMs to choose from for locations with one clear network provider. This helped to drive commercial efficiency and support budget management.

Then we built them an aggregated data pool shared across 500 worksites across the UK.

And lastly we secured it all using public static IPs, so that rental tools could swap sites and still connect instantly.

The final product: a flexible Mobile WAN environment that would let construction workers unpack their pop-up offices anywhere, with all the IT capabilities of their home office; plus IoT tool tracking and predictive maintenance alerts for tools that are close to breaking.

The result

Now, over 500 construction sites are using our mobile connectivity to connect their workers. Setting up new sites is a breeze, using the same configuration and data pool as all the rest. And by knowing exactly when to recall and refurbish tools, we’ve protected them from massive maintenance costs.

So far, our partner has landed £1.2m in revenue from connecting the sites.

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