Fire, safety, and security
Solution used

The challenge

Our respected, multi-award winning partner needed to keep a huge number of alarm systems connected so valuables could remain protected.

Keeping critical alarm systems connected and working is a serious, technical job. And with the looming PSTN switch-off date edging closer, our partner sought our help migrating alarm systems for a global security company who specialise in fire safety and security solutions.

These alarm systems were being used for business premise security to protect staff and valuable assets for big brands like Tesco, Hugo Boss, and more.

In total, they needed 40,000 alarm systems migrated, each with a heavily detailed security setup that needed specialist routers and configuration. And our partner lacked the expertise to do this themselves; they’d tried and failed for months, losing precious resources in the process.

Alarm systems connected
Projected revenue
£11 million

The solution

Specialist knowledge, perfect routers, and Multi-network SIMs: a recipe for robust, reliable connectivity

Our network engineers used their specialist knowledge to source the perfect routers for the job. Despite the tricky configurations required, our strong relationship with the supplier made setting up the devices quick and easy.

Then, we equipped each router with our Multi-network SIMs to ensure the alarms would stay online, even through outages.

Lastly, we rigorously tested everything, going through two rounds of extensive trials to iron out problems and spot incompatibilities.

The solution worked out to be far more cost-effective than any other on the market, which helped our partner recoup costs from their initial delays.

The result

Not only are the critical alarm systems protected from the PSTN switch-off; they’ve been given the most resilient IoT connectivity on the market. The customer can rest easy knowing millions of pounds in assets are safe.

Plus, our partner will earn £11m from the deal—equalling a 20% increase in their annual turnover.

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