United Kingdom & USA
Solution used
Unsteered 4G
Multi-network SIMs

International roaming

4G routers

Static IPs

The challenge

Every business can use mobile data. The multi-billion pound football industry is no different.

We worked with three different football clubs (two Premier League) to power their retail, training, and overseas tours with mobile data.

One club needed to connect all the retail outlets in their 50,000 capacity stadium and avoid network congestion, so fans could gear up with club merch, fuel up with half-time snacks, and celebrate with post-game drinks.

The second club was headed to the USA for their pre-season tour, where they’d need international roaming for their wearable IoT training devices, staff communications, and player leisure.

And the third needed remote connectivity for training videos, gamification, and more at their pop-up football academies around the UK, plus ticketing solutions for matches.

Pangea Football Case Study: Football connectivity

The solution

We equipped the first club with unsteered 4G Multi-network connectivity across their entire stadium, keeping them connected to the strongest available network 24 / 7. Now, they don’t even notice network dead zones or outages.

Plus, we threw in static IPs for processing card payments and running hosted voice handsets, with a private APN to reduce congestion.

We gave the second club 4G routers with seamless roaming SIMs, so no matter where they ended up on their USA tour, they could keep staff, players, and gear online.

And we put them on a flexible plan to protect them from any international overages; so they could use all the data they wanted without risk.

Lastly, we gave the third club a seamless roaming solution with access to every local network in the UK.

Using our portal to manage their connectivity meant they could skip negotiating contracts with every single network they used, while enjoying full control of their IP addressing.

The result

Now, each club is freed up to focus on what’s most important to them: training players with the latest in sports tech, touring anywhere they please, and keeping their retail revenue flowing.

And the channel partners we worked with on these projects have secured spots as the go-to providers for these major football brands, which means they can expect more football-related projects down the line.

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