Choosing the right IoT connectivity

Cellular Connectivity

One SIM, boundless connectivity

We’ll help you pinpoint whether your project needs NB-IoT or LTE technology; then we’ll get you connected and keep you connected, wherever you are in the world.

Refine terms and tariffs until they’re the perfect fit for you, and control your SIMs with precision and ease.

Is cellular connectivity right for my solution?

  • Multi-network, unsteered SIMs find the strongest network
  • Connectivity across over 960 networks in 185 countries
  • Bespoke tariffs as short or long as you need, with any amount of data
  • Data aggregation and static IPs available
  • Fully managed with usage alerts
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Cellular connectivity

Pangea unsteered Multi-network SIMs

Remote worker using multi-network SIMs

LPWAN connectivity

Looking for cost-effective, open-spec connectivity tech that’s easy to deploy?

Or got a solution deployed over a wide area that needs to stay up-and-running for long stretches of time? We’ve got you covered with our LPWAN options—and we’ll help you pick the one that’s perfect for your business.

Is LPWAN right for my solution?

  • Keep your solutions connected over massive distances
  • Maintain signal through densely packed locales
  • Cost-effective, customisable and easily deployed
  • Unbeatable power efficiency
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Not quite what you need?
We also offer solutions using:
Bluetooth IoT connectivity icon


Bluetooth is a top pick for close ranged solutions with low power requirements. Now a staple in most smartphones, it’s an inexpensive, easily-adopted wireless option.
  • Gauge a medical patient’s vitals
  • Power smart home applications
  • Enable robotics solutions
Wi-Fi IoT Connectivity icon


Best when used for broadband network connections in a confined space, and ideal for high-power, bandwidth-hungry applications that remain deployed in a fixed location.
  • Transmit security camera footage
  • Monitor power meters
  • Enable smart building functions
Satellite IoT connectivity icon


Satellite-based connectivity far outranges any other option, with excellent global coverage. Requiring only a satellite phone and contract to get started, it’s the go-to option for far-reaching fleets or remote locations with little to no other network support. Middle of the desert? No problem.
  • Track assets on a global scale
  • Enable comms with remote sites
  • Keep fleets connected mid-transit
RFID IoT connectivity icon


Radio-frequency identification tags are similar to barcodes but better. Many tags can be scanned by one reader at once; and they don’t require line-of-sight, transmitting data across distances of 100 feet or more. Reliable, versatile and fast, RFID is perfect for asset-tracking within a defined area, such as a warehouse.
  • Manage complex inventories
  • Identify livestock
  • Keep retail goods secure
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