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The most agile managed global IoT connectivity in a single SIM

We’ll adapt our connectivity to fit your specific needs, scale it as your business grows, and keep you on track as markets evolve.

With our intelligent IoT SIMs you’ll:

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Create future-proof, resilient, global IoT solutions

With global coverage in 185 countries, our IoT SIMs are hardware agnostic, available on unsteered Multi-network services across the UK and Europe, and are all fully managed.

Meaning you stay online and in control no matter what.

Enjoy flexible terms that work with your solution

Refine terms and tariffs to suit your solution with any amount of data, across any amount of SIMs, on any network (or all of them).

Best of all, you can make contracts as short or long as you like.

Keep business as usual with dynamic and static IPs

Need to keep business applications up and running? No problem. We’re able to assign true dynamic, private static, and public static IPs.

Not sure what you need? Our team is on-hand to help you decide.

Get connected in days, not weeks
Our team is structured so that we can equip your business with IoT now, not later. We’ll get you set up right away.

Or if you’re already up and running, tell us about your SIM base. We’ll migrate you over to our service and have you reaping the benefits in no time.

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What is intelligent connectivity?

Our IoT SIM cards use intelligent connectivity that reduces costs, ensures uptime, and keeps your SIMs safe.

SIM device pairing
Our IoT SIMs can be paired with specific devices so they can’t be used by anything else should they go missing.
Data aggregation
Got more than one SIM? We can create a shared data pool for multiple SIMs to dip into when they need it—slashing costs, de-risking overage, and giving you one single, simple bill.
Automated, self optimising tariffs
We know overages are common with cellular services—but they don’t need to be. Our connectivity solutions like Instanet use self-optimising tariffs to keep you safe from overages.
Every network in one SIM
No single network has flawless coverage or uptime. Ensure your solutions stay online with unsteered Multi-network SIMs that seamlessly connect to the best network—no matter where they’re deployed.
Illustrated examples of where Pangea IoT SIM cards can be used

Our IoT SIM cards power:

Pangea IoT SIM cards power: Pizza Hut
Pangea IoT SIM cards power: Addison Lee
Pangea IoT SIM cards power: Birmingham City Council
Pangea IoT SIM cards power: Etihad Airways
Pangea IoT SIM cards power: Capita
Pangea IoT SIM cards power: Speedy
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Start your IoT project from scratch, or migrate to us with ease, and we’ll give you:

Pangea IoT SIM card features: Lightning fast 4G and 5G

Lightning fast 4G and 5G

Our IoT SIM cards run on our own segregated network—meaning your cellular service is quicker, more secure, and more versatile than ever.
Pangea IoT SIM card features: A range of hardware to choose from

A range of hardware to choose from

Need 2G, 3G, 4G, or 5G? Multi-network or single? Standard SIMs, industrial SIMs, or eSIMs? A powerful cellular router? We’ve got you covered.
Pangea IoT SIM card features: Complete control of your SIM base

Complete control of your SIM base

Stay in complete control of your data and SIM cards with our portal, designed with a comprehensive set of tools to make managing your SIMs effortless.
Pangea IoT SIM card features: Best-in-class, stand alone support

Best-in-class, stand alone support

We’ve put together a dedicated in-house team that stands alone from the business support provided by networks—they’ll troubleshoot problems, so you don’t have to.

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