Be the first to bring 5G connectivity to your customers

5G networks are expanding in the UK and across the world. MNOs are snapping up primary 5G bands in spectrum auctions, while 5G-ready devices are starting to appear on the market.

And with our new 5G router, we’re bringing 5G solutions to you right now—so you can be the first to bring 5G to your customers.

Grab a router and get 5G-ready now, so you can:

Provide all of the benefits of FTTP, with none of the downsides

Give your customers the high data rates and huge bandwidth that they’re used to with FTTP—all while avoiding fixed-line outages and dodging installation delays with rapid deployment.

Be the first to introduce your customers to the power of 5G

Don’t wait for your competitors to start the 5G conversation with your customers. Be the first to bring them 5G connectivity and claim your place as a 5G leader in your industry.
5G connectivity applications: AI, VR, connected cars, drones
5G connectivity applications: ambulances, AR, robots in manufacturing

Pave the way to game changing 5G solutions

Push the boundaries of what’s possible with tech—and become known for it.

Open up a brand new revenue stream

Tap the most eagerly anticipated tech in telecoms and watch your revenue grow.
Worried about how to get started? Don’t be.

Follow our quick and easy 3-step process, and you’ll be 5G-ready in no time:

Pangea 5G Connectivity 3-step process: 5G router
Grab one of our new 5G routers
Pangea 5G Connectivity 3-step process: 5G-enabledSIM
Pick from a wide range of 5G-enabled SIMs
Pangea 5G Connectivity 3-step process: 5G network coverage checker
Check for 5G network coverage with our coverage checker
It’s that simple
Get in touch

How 5G can change your customers businesses

Pangea 5G Connectivity features: 5G-preferred or 5G-only options

5G-preferred or 5G-only options

Set your solution to choose 5G networks over others, or use them exclusively
Pangea 5G Connectivity features: Static IPs

Static IPs

For hosted products and services, like hosted voice
Pangea 5G Connectivity features: Plug-and-play setup

Plug-and-play setup

Grab a router, pick a SIM, check for coverage, and you’re good to go
Pangea 5G Connectivity features: Rugged Build

Rugged build

Tough hardware that can handle outdoor or industrial deployments
Pangea 5G Connectivity features: High speeds

High speeds

Lightning-quick everyday download speeds, averaging between 200-500Mbps, as tested by Dr. Arslan Usman our System Architect
Pangea 5G Connectivity features: Low latency

Low latency

Dodge delays and ditch lag, with latencies averaging at 17ms

Which solutions will benefit most from 5G connectivity?


Construction sites in rural or tricky areas like farms and quarries have a hard time getting connected. And builders can’t do their jobs without connectivity; nor can they wait months for a fixed-line.

Using a 5G router, they could skip delays and connect straight away, with all the bandwidth and speed they need to share site plans and run video conferences; along with a static IP for hosted voice.

Illustration showing how 5G connectivity could benefit a construction site
Illustration showing how 5G connectivity could benefit a shopping centre


EPOS has gone from luxury to necessity for retailers who want to stay open today. And pop-up shops are still one of the most lucrative moves for retailers who’ve got their finger on the pulse —as long as they can get connected.

A retailer could order a 5G router and have it set up on the same day, allowing them to easily connect all their solutions without worrying about delays or outages: including EPOS, security, and social distancing.

Homeworkers and remote offices

Much of the world’s workforce is now working from home, while sharing bandwidth or dealing with broadband issues. And companies often need temporary offices for locational projects, often in places with no lines running to them.

A 5G network’s ultrafast mobile broadband speeds will give your customers the massive data rates and bandwidth they need for business applications, but with the same day deployment, transportability, and resilience of mobile connectivity; and none of fixed-line’s downsides.

Illustration showing how 5G connectivity could benefit home and office workers
Illustration showing how 5G connectivity could benefit a hospital


Healthcare is a high-stakes field; and healthcare workers need to have full confidence in the solutions that help them save lives. Above all, they need connectivity that they can trust.

That’s where 5G comes in. With live video solutions, remote medical professionals can react in real time. Mobile solutions in vehicles can stay connected no matter where they are (as seen in our 5G Project for emergency services). And hospitals can stay online and keep comms open through outages with powerful 5G backup.

Head over to our 5G World page to see more IoT solutions made real by 5G connectivity.

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