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Solution used

The challenge

When schools closed in the UK’s COVID-19 lockdown, they needed to keep homebound students connected to their studies—without exposing them to web-based threats.

When the home became the new classroom, underprivileged students were left without devices or connectivity to continue their education, with some schools reporting up to 24% of their students were without internet access.
Our partner was tasked with finding a solution to combat digital poverty, while upholding their safeguarding policies and meeting Internet Watch Foundation regulations to keep students safe from adult content and malware.
All in two weeks.

Watch how we kept
102,000 students connected to their studies

Students connected

Projected revenue
£6.5 million

The solution

Combining our devices, connectivity, and mobile content filter

We combined our 4G routers, unsteered Multi-network SIMs, and mobile content filter to create a solution for our partner that would get students connected wherever they were, with an AI monitoring websites accessed and blocking web-based threats.
Time was of the essence and educations were at stake—which meant round-the-clock development and sleepless nights for the whole team. Finance, operations, and directors pulled together to deliver over 55,000 services within days, provision the SIMs with same-day delivery, and integrate the content filter onto our network.

The result

Our solution won our partner a six-month contract for over £2.5m, with a hefty additional margin and room to increase based on data usage.

Today, the solution is keeping 102,000 UK students connected to teachers, school friends, and the resources vital to their education.

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