Public sector
Solution used
Unsteered 4G
Multi-network SIMs

High-gain antennas

SIM management portal

Private WAN

The challenge

The pressure’s on for anyone with solutions on the PSTN. Including a UK government body still relying on it to connect 4,500 street furniture endpoints.

In light of the looming PSTN switch-off, our partner needed to help a government body keep its street furniture online; including street lighting, cabinets, traffic lights, and more.

Working together with our partner, we convinced the government body to leave the limitations of fixed-line behind and go fully wireless. But convincing them was only half the battle.

These were all critical services; if traffic lights, street signs or street lights stopped working in an outage, it’d be disastrous. So 100% uptime was key.

And with it being a government service, the connectivity had to be extremely secure. Lastly, with new infrastructure being built all the time, it had to be flexible and scalable so that endpoints could be added and configured on a whim.

Pangea Public Sector Case Study: PSTN migration for a government body
Street furniture endpoints connected
£2.8 million

The solution

A secure custom WAN, with the tools to monitor and configure their connectivity at will.

We built a custom WAN off the back of our unsteered 4G Multi-network SIMs, giving the government body fully managed, secure connectivity that would jump to the next strongest network in an outage.

And with these endpoints being exposed on the street, we equipped the furniture with high-gain antennas designed to find signal in dense urban areas, while also resisting weather damage and vandalisation.

Then we gave them full access to our SIM management portal, allowing them to see every element of their network, troubleshoot problems, and make changes themselves.

The result

Following a quick and easy migration, the government body can rest easy knowing their street furniture won’t go down with the PSTN switch off.

They’ve got full control over their own secure WAN, and can easily scale the solution up when they need to build more street furniture.

And our partner walked away with a tidy £2.8m in revenue to boot.

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