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On-demand 4G
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Secure your connectivity now Pangea On-demand Backup working in an office

Don’t leave your client’s connectivity up to chance.
Shift your backup connection to 4G mobile.

Relying on a fixed-line failover to get your clients through broadband downtime?
If your backup uses the same exchange or service provider as your broadband, outages will take your backup line down too—leaving your clients high and dry. As many as 1 in 8 businesses lose connectivity at least once a day.

And with no connectivity, business grinds to a halt. Transactions get cut off, teams can’t communicate, and mission-critical applications go down—sometimes for hours on end.

Lost connections lose business. Why take the risk?

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Shift your failover to on-demand 4G mobile backup connectivity and rest easy next time there’s a broadband outage.

If your fixed line fails, our intelligent connectivity will automatically kick in—meaning your clients can keep doing what they do best.
Pangea On-demand 4G mobile backup for Hospitals and Schools

Never worry about losing connectivity

Combining 4G mobile backup connectivity with fixed-line covers all your bases. Enjoy the peace-of-mind that comes with the most rock-solid, dependable connectivity on the market.

What’s more, you won’t even notice the switch

With seamless failover, there’s no blip or drop in service—meaning your clients can carry on doing what they do best.

Keep business as usual with static IPs

Need a static IP for hosted products such as video conferencing or a Virtual Private Network? No problem—we’ve got you covered.

Stop wasting data and avoid bill shock

Got more than one site? We’ll look at your data usage patterns, work out what we think you might need, and give you just one pool of data so sites can dip in and out when needed. No wasted data, no nasty overage charges, and no complex billing.
Pangea On-demand 4G mobile backup for Government building and Private businesses

On-demand 4G mobile backup connectivity, whenever you need it, keeping businesses going no matter what

Pangea On-demand 4G mobile backup 4G connectivity icon

Business grade 4G mobile backup connectivity

We only use the best 4G mobile business networks that never throttle or block traffic like consumer ones do—so your clients can rest assured they won’t be competing for bandwidth.
Pangea On-demand 4G mobile backup Static IP icon
Keep business as usual with static IPs
We offer static IPs, so your users won’t need to worry about being disconnected from hosted applications in an outage.
Pangea On-demand 4G mobile backup Any network icon
Any amount of data, any network
We offer bespoke tariffs as short or long as you need, with any amount of data, on any network.
Pangea On-demand 4G mobile backup Multiple sites icon
Multiple sites, one bill
We’ll aggregate all your 4G mobile data into one shared pool—meaning sites can dip in and out as they need, and you’ll only get one bill.
Pangea On-demand 4G mobile backup Fully managed with usage alerts icon
Fully managed with usage alerts
You’ll always know what’s going on in your SIM base with our management Portal, equipped with a comprehensive set of tools that make managing your SIMs effortless.
Pangea On-demand 4G mobile backup Router icon
Powerful hardware
Need a new 4G mobile router? We’ll match our hardware to your specific situation—whether you’re connecting just two devices or fifty.
Pangea On-demand 4G mobile backup Support icon
End-to-end support
We’re with you the whole way—from crafting your bespoke package, to deployment and follow-up support.

Don’t wait until you’re hit by another network outage to secure your connectivity.

Drop us a line and we’ll get you geared up with On-demand 4G mobile backup connectivity in no time.

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