Connect hundreds of devices at a time with our 4G Bonded router

Our 4G Bonded router handles device density with ease, connecting up to 150 devices at a time and keeping them online at all times with dual-SIM automatic failover.

Our 4G Bonded router is perfect for:

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4G Bonded router features

Pangea 4G Bonded router Install Anywhere icon

Installable anywhere

Easily installed in any space with mounting ears and optional rail mounts
Pangea 4G Bonded router Multiple Devices icon

Connects 150 devices simultaneously

Perfect for mission critical connectivity for multiple devices
Pangea 4G Bonded router Dual SIM icon

Dual SIM auto failover

Backup WAN and other SW features available
Pangea 4G Bonded router Load Balancing icon

Load balancing

Uses multiple WAN sources for smoother performance
Pangea 4G Bonded router Rugged Build icon

Rugged build

Tough hardware that can handle both outdoor and industrial deployments
Pangea 4G Bonded router High Speeds icon

High speeds

Supports LTE Cat12 with speeds of up to 866Mbps

Get connected with the most agile cellular connectivity on the market

The best part? All of our 4G bonded routers come with resilient, adaptive connectivity that connects to the best networks, along with a simple interface that gives you total, real-time control over your SIMs.

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