Oceans and seas worldwide
Solution used
Unsteered 4G
Multi-network SIMs

International roaming

SIM management portal

The challenge

Our maritime comms partner needed to keep a fleet of 200 superyachts connected, all in different locations across the world.

The yacht crews had operational tasks that would need to be run online. This was especially important while the ships were docked, where they’d need strong download speeds for data-hungry software updates, and to keep engineers connected while they maintain the boats.

Plus, with these being top-of-the-line luxury yachts, they needed to provide connectivity for the passengers too, for entertainment purposes like video streaming and social media access.

But with the boats sailing all over the world, they faced an impossible task: having to set up technical and commercial agreements with every single operator whose network the boats might use, while having to manually configure their connectivity for every single network.

Pangea Superyacht Case Study: Fleet connectivity
Superyachts connected
£1.5 million

The solution

Global mobile connectivity that works, without hassle, in every ocean and port.

Using our relationships with network operators worldwide, we created a 4G Multi-network solution that would keep every yacht connected to the strongest network wherever they sail, no matter their destination.

Then, we gave our partner total control of their connectivity through our portal. The portal acts as a window into every network the yachts connect to on their voyages.

So no matter what country they sail to, our partner can now manage their entire fleet’s connectivity through a single, simple platform, without having to spend time and money liaising with hundreds of different operators.

No headache having to log into a different portal for every SIM. No telephone tennis trying to sort out customer issues. No panic over unseen data usage.

Just complete visibility and control over their mobile data.

The result

Now, the superyacht customers enjoy ubiquitous connectivity as if they were on land, no matter their chosen destination. The crews can carry out their tasks without worrying about bandwidth, and the passengers stay entertained.

And to top it all off, our maritime partner has seen £1.5 million in revenue through the deal.

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