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Learn more Take complete control of your connectivity, protect your devices from malware, and boost user productivity with Pangea Protect, our Internet content filter, built for mobile.

Mobile content filtering

From healthcare to education, more and more industries are reaping the benefits of going mobile.
But using so many smartphones, tablets, laptops, and Mi-Fis in and out of the workplace doesn’t come without its challenges—especially when it comes to Internet security, bandwidth, and safe-browsing regulations.

So we’re helping you take complete control of mobile connectivity with our Internet content filtering.

Here’s how:

Protect vulnerable users and meet Internet compliance regulations

For schools, governments, and any organisation with strict compliance requirements to meet, safe browsing has never been more important.

And with regulations around protecting users from obscene or radical content on the Internet, mobile devices alone aren’t cut out to meet demands.

With our mobile content filter you can:

Choose exactly what you want users to access on the Internet and when.

Create granular lists of URLs and keywords you want to block and allow.

Add policies that grant access by users, groups, or even time of day.

Secure your mobile devices and protect sensitive data

When it comes to cybersecurity, fixed-line connectivity has always been the star of the show, leaving mobile devices stuck with basic, bare bones options like DNS filtering.

With no layer of extra security, mobile users are at high risk of compromising their devices, or even the whole network, by unintentionally visiting websites that host malware, viruses, and phishing scams.

Our content filter uses intelligent AI that:

Goes beyond industry lists of known malicious websites by constantly scanning billions of URLs and categorising them in a database.

Moves harmful URLs to block lists that keep your devices, networks, and data safe.

Improve productivity and keep mobile data usage in check

While not all content is malicious, some websites can be a real productivity and bandwidth drain. Browsing social media, checking the footy scores, swiping right on that dating app, or streaming video content while on the job costs businesses time and money.

With our mobile content filter you’ll:

Keep users on task by blocking distracting sites at a network level—so you can be sure your connectivity is being used for what you intended.

Avoid excessive data usage and unexpected overages by adding data-heavy websites like YouTube or Netflix to your block lists.

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Customisable, compatible, and intelligent mobile content filtering

All the content filter capabilities you’re used to on fixed-line Internet (and more), but at mobile network level.

Completely customisable Internet filtering

Create policies that grant and deny levels of access by user, groups, or time of day, and configure your own lists of URLs, keywords, and file extensions you’d like to allow or block.
SIM card

Compatible with all mobile devices

We filter at a network level, not per device, saving you time and money on getting set up and scaling in the future—all while keeping your users safe from day one, even if a SIM is swapped between devices.

Add to any of our managed connectivity solutions

Create value added services and help your customers meet compliance regulations by bolting content filtering onto any of our managed connectivity solutions—from Multi-network SIMs, to on-demand backup, to Instanet.

Intelligent content analysis

Our AI takes care of analysing and categorising billions of websites to keep your filtering up-to-date, without any effort from your side.

Real-time reporting

Access a real-time stream of content that’s being searched for, accessed, and blocked. Generate custom reports, calculate statistics, or create charts that detail information on networks, activity, or users.
Connectivity and location

Available across the Globe

Whether you’re using single or multi-network connectivity, our mobile content filter is available across all networks.

Mobile Internet content filtering for:

Schools and education

Schools follow tight content regulations to keep students away from adult and radical content; they also need to make sure kids don’t use their connectivity to play games and binge on social media.
Using strict browsing filters will keep students safe, and customising the filter to restrict browsing at certain times means kids can’t abuse the connectivity at lunchtime or after school; especially useful for home Mi-Fis and devices.

Case study: protecting vulnerable students

Right now we’re collaborating with educators and using the content filtering solution to protect over 55,000 vulnerable kids in the UK from online threats, while they connect via our secure home Mi-Fis to continue their education remotely.

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Government offices

Governing bodies and public organisations are held to very strict web safety standards. Our content filter allows public officials to provide safe connectivity to government buildings and home workers, without worrying about meeting legal requirements.


Healthcare providers have strict policies around digital innovation, because of how valuable patient data is.

With our content filter, hospitals and on-the-move healthcare workers can keep their crucial data secure and continue to digitise, knowing their web safety is top-notch.

Case study: equipping mobile healthcare workers

We’re protecting patient data and enabling safe communications in the NHS’s mobile screening units, through a combination of our Multi-network SIMs and our content filtering solution.


In-flight connectivity is a huge differentiator for airlines, especially when it comes to offering retail options like ePOS. But following national and international web regulations is a tricky process.

Airlines can make it simple with our content filter, automatically keeping their crews and passengers within as many regulations as necessary.

Private businesses

SMEs and enterprises alike can enjoy peace of mind with our content filter by using it to monitor employees’ data usage on mobile devices, block ads, and restrict access to irrelevant webpages—increasing productivity, protecting sensitive data from web threats, and keeping their connectivity usage in-line with their company ethos.

Case study: increasing productivity and reducing costs

We’re helping medium and large companies to fulfil their corporate responsibilities, boost productivity, and optimise their data usage with the mobile data devices they give to employees. This is especially relevant with home Mi-Fis, now that these companies have to search for alternatives to broadband due to fixed-line delays.

And more…

Because Pangea Protect is a seamless add-on, you can use it and add value in any situation requiring mobile connectivity—and bump up your revenue across the board.

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Slide Case study

Keeping over 55,000 students connected
to their education with protected,
adaptive 4G connectivity

Learn more When schools closed in the UK’s COVID-19 lockdown, they needed to keep homebound students connected to their studies—without exposing them to web-based threats.

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