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Instanet: Pre-Ethernet just got smarter

Upgrade your Pre-Ethernet offering with flexible and responsive tariffs that automatically move customers up and down data packages

Introducing Instanet™

A smarter way of connecting your clients while they wait for Ethernet

With some resellers waiting months to receive payments for their Ethernet orders, Instanet™ allows revenue collection from day one by incorporating a temporary connectivity solution into existing Ethernet sales.
Stop worrying about overage and start maximising your profit with automated, flexible tariffs
Our responsive Instanet™ tariffs have been designed to give you complete control to maximise your profit while waiting for Ethernet services to be delivered. We’ll also prevent any nasty overage surprises and de-risk over-usage by automatically adding more data to your minimum package if your clients needs more, or down if they need less.

Furthermore, our relationships with major mobile operators means we can give you ultimate flexibility with tariffs as short as one month.

Instanet in four steps
1. 3G/4G connectivity
Choose from 3G or 4G mobile connectivity on first grade business networks that will never throttle or block traffic like consumer ones do
2. Flexible terms, responsive tariffs
We’ll then get your connectivity set up with our automated tariffs and flexible contract terms that work with, not against your client’s needs

3. Choice of static IP & router
Add to your service with a static IP for hosted products and then connect with a powerful, highly secure, and easy to set up Pangea router
4. On-demand Backup
Let our automated tariffs do the work, and later, when the Ethernet line is installed, we can convert the service to a resilient On-demand Backup

With Instanet™ you’ll:

  • Give your clients instant connectivity
  • Prevent nasty overage surprises and de-risk overuse
  • Optimise your profit with complete control
  • See revenue sooner
  • Secure more deals and sell Ethernet quicker than your competitors
  • Always know what’s going on in your SIM base with access to our management Portal
  • Give your customers peace of mind with a On-demand Backup service after Ethernet installation
We’ll give you:
  • Any amount of data
  • Global coverage
  • Flexible terms and automated, responsive tariffs
  • Powerful hardware
  • Optional service add-ons such as static IP
  • UK Delivery in one working day (on orders made before 2pm)

Frequently asked questions

What makes Instanet different to Pre-Ethernet?

We know overage and bill shock can be common occurrences when it comes to mobile data—but we believe they don’t need to be. That’s why we designed Instanet to give our partners more peace of mind when it comes to data usage on Pre-Ethernet solutions.

Think of it as an upgraded, smarter Pre-Ethernet. You’ll get the same solution that gives your customers connectivity while they wait for their Ethernet, but have the additional benefits of avoiding those nasty overage charges with our responsive Instanet tariffs, as well as the control to maximise your profit.

Can I deploy the solution outside the UK?

Yes! We can supply connectivity across 650 networks in over 184 countries.

Can I have custom data tiers?

Absolutely! Our relationships with major mobile operators means we can give you whatever data tiers you’d like.

When can I expect the service to go live?

Order before 2pm, and we’ll get your SIM and hardware to you the next working day. Pop the SIM in and you’re ready to go.  

What is On-demand Backup?

Our Instanet solution doesn’t stop when your client’s Ethernet is finally installed. Instead, we’ll give you the option to carry on using our service by converting the router and SIM into a different solution: On-demand Backup.

With On-demand Backup you’ll be able to provide your customers with a more resilient failover than traditional backup landline services. Using mobile data removes the possibility of both the mainline and backup lines going down at the same time, which can often happen due to problems at the telephone exchange. Furthermore, we can aggregate data across SIMs if you have more than one site, meaning no complex billing and no wasted data.

Upgrade your Pre-Ethernet offering with Instanet™

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