Make your offering mobile with 4G L2TP

As an ISP, keeping your customers connected is no doubt your top priority.

Our 4G mobile L2TP solution makes it even easier for you to do so, while also giving you the tools to tap into the profitable mobile market.

Take full control of your connectivity

Framed routes, multiple subnets, your own IP addressing—you can have as much control as you need. We’ll customise your 4G mobile L2TP until it’s exactly as you want it.

Expand your solution offering

With mobile in your portfolio, you can take your connectivity beyond the office and into the devices of your customers. Vehicle fleets, on-the-go workers with tablets, emergency services, mobile WANs; the list goes on.
4G mobile L2TP use cases
4G mobile L2TP use cases

Enjoy seamless integration

Our 4G mobile L2TP fits your fixed-line service infrastructure with no extra effort from you and no need for a supporting device. So you can focus on giving your customers unsteered 4G Multi-network, rapid deployment, Pre-Ethernet, and 4G backup, all over Layer 2 services, on any device you can think of.

Maximise value from your LNS

Adding mobile L2TP to your portfolio means you get more mileage out of your LNS, without having to spend on any more equipment.

Be 5G-ready

Securing a mobile revenue stream with L2TP will also equip you to capitalise on the 5G market as coverage and devices become available.
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4G Mobile L2TP features

4G mobile L2TP SIM card

Connects directly to operator networks

4G mobile L2TP on unsteered multi-network SIM cards

Always connects to the strongest network option, via unsteered Multi-network 4G

Laptop, tablet and smartphone using 4G mobile L2TP

Useable on any SIM-enabled device, including tablets and Mi-Fis

On-demand backup and Pre-Ethernet using 4G mobile L2TP

Works as Pre-Ethernet or 4G backup

4G mobile L2TP across UK and Europe

Available in the UK and Europe

Last but not least:
We’ll never compete with you
We make a point of being Channel-only, so we’ll never end up competing with you for your customer’s business. We exist to support you.
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4G Mobile L2TP FAQs

Check out the list below for answers to the most frequently asked mobile L2TP questions.
What is L2TP?

L2TP stands for Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol. It’s a method of transporting Layer 2 traffic across multiple networks or the Internet.

How does L2TP work in a mobile environment?

The mobile network will create a PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol) link between the SIM and your LNS. This allows traffic to flow between them, and gives you control over the SIM’s authentication and IP addressing.

What is L2TP good for?

L2TP is great if you’re an ISP who needs control over your network’s traffic. Firewalled access, bandwidth control, public static IPs, and broadband failover.

What equipment do I need to get started with L2TP?

On your core network you need an LNS (L2TP Network Server), and optionally, you can use a RADIUS to authenticate your SIMs. If you receive DSL or fibre services from a wholesale provider, it’s likely that you’re already equipped and ready to go. 

Your customers just need a device that accepts SIMs; like a cellular router, a Mi-Fi, a mobile phone or a tablet.

Is L2TP easy to deploy?

Very! We can deploy our service for you over the Internet or a physical interconnect; whichever you prefer.

Can I use my own router?

Absolutely! Any mobile device can work with L2TP.

Do I need eSIM or eUICC technology?

No. eSIM and eUICC allows the transfer of SIM contracts between providers across the globe; but this isn’t relevant for our L2TP, because our Multi-network SIMs have network availability in the UK, EU, and around the world.

Can I use any IP address?

Yes. You can apply any public or private IP address to the SIMs.

Can I have multiple routes?

Yes. You can have multiple routes with any IP address you choose. This means you can provide the classic WAN / LAN interface design that’s usually seen in fixed-line deployments.

What coverage is available?

Our unsteered Multi-network SIMs have coverage over 650 networks and across 180 countries around the world, making them an unbeatable mobile connectivity option no matter where you are.

Do I need a RADIUS server?

No. If you have one, you can use a RADIUS server to authenticate SIM cards, but you can manually set up username and password combinations on your LNS if you prefer.

Do I need an LNS / BRAS?

Yes. We can help you procure and set up your LNS, or lease an LNS for trials or long-term deployments.

How do I get started?

Let us know a time that suits you using our form below and we’ll give you a call back. Or if you prefer, give us a call and one of our team can talk you through the process. 

L2TP is pretty easily configured, so we can set up a trial service for you quickly and with minimal cost.

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