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Our story

Good things come to those who don’t wait.

Things may work better connected—but it hasn’t been a smooth ride
Retail, agriculture, education, transport, healthcare—every industry out there should benefit from the efficiency, safety, and sustainability that the Internet of Things offers.

But uptake is slow. MNOs are hindered by their size, unable to focus their resources on providing IoT at its full potential.

And many businesses don’t yet understand how IoT can help them.

That’s why Dan Cunliffe and Chris Romeika founded Pangea in 2015
Both Dan and Chris cut their telecoms teeth with the UK’s biggest network operators—and they’re no strangers to the red tape that holds back experimentation and innovation.

Like our namesake—the supercontinent that connected the world before separating into the continents of today—we’re connecting everything.

Through IoT, we’re bringing data-driven decision making, game-changing automation, and exciting new revenue streams to businesses across the planet.

Because things work better connected.

Our approach

We’re doing things differently:

We’re quick.

Our team is structured so that we can equip your businesses with IoT now, not later. We don’t need to jump through hoops or wade through rounds of approval to get things done.

You need it? We’re on it.

We’re flexible.

Our strong relationships with network operators allow us to fully customise the services we provide. We’ll add to, trim, or entirely reshape a solution until it’s exactly what you need.

We’re dedicated.

We’re partner-only: we exist to help you succeed. You team up with us, and we put our entire IoT ecosystem in your hands; along with the tools to use it.

No half-measures. We don’t win unless you do.

We’re experts.

And we don’t say that lightly. With some of the brightest minds in tech, we live and breathe connectivity and IoT solutions.

But don’t take our word for it—check out our IoT blog for our in-depth tech guides, or take a look at our 5G project to see how we’re bringing the power of 5G to healthcare and triage.

Meet the team


Dan Cunliffe

Managing Director & Co-Founder

After graduating from Stellenbosch University in South Africa with degrees in applied mathematics and computer science, Dan completed a PGCE to become a Maths teacher. Following his move to the UK, he switched career paths and joined Telefónica as Head of BE Wholesale; later becoming Head of Partners and Strategy at O2 UK before co-founding Pangea in 2014.

Outside of Pangea, Dan has a real love for both following and playing sports—especially rugby, cricket, and the odd round of golf.


Chris Romeika

Operations Director & Co-Founder

Originally from Sydney, Chris has held a number of high level operational and technical roles in UK and Australian telecomms. Starting with maintaining dial up technology in the 90’s he’s since designed, implemented, and supported multiple carrier and service provider networks for DSL, fibre, and mobile services, as well as led operations at O2 Wholesale.

Being your typical Aussie, Chris can often be found travelling overseas. He’s also well known for stealing the mic at karaoke.


Bernie McPhillips

Sales Director

Following 11 years at one of the UK’s major mobile network operators, Bernie joined Pangea in 2017. No stranger to collaboration, he’s held a number of senior sales management positions within partner and channel environments in IoT—but lists his move to Pangea as one that’s allowed him to be more dynamic; “to make a decision in the morning, implement it in the afternoon and see the impact tomorrow.”

Today, Bernie holds the fort at the Scotland office, living with his wife and son in Glasgow. Much of his spare time is spent enjoying family life, travelling, and live music.

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