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We’ll help you pinpoint whether your project needs NB-IoT or LTE technology; then we’ll get you connected and keep you connected, wherever you are in the world.
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Connect anywhere, anytime

With connectivity across 960 networks around the world and seamless roaming between them, you’ll never struggle for uptime.

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Only the best networks

Our SIMs find the strongest signal with the highest capacity. They’ll give you the best connectivity possible—no matter where you are.
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Streamlined and simple

Enjoy total, real-time control over your SIMs—all made effortless through our powerful portal.

Cellular connectivity

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Choosing the right cellular connectivity

NB-IoT cellular connectivity range, power consumption, bandwidth, latency comparison table

NB-IoT connectivity

Combining a huge range with minimal power usage, NB-IoT is perfect for upgrading GSM-based systems. It’s ideal for long-ranged sensor readings, asset tracking with two-way communications, and fleet management.

  • Manage fleets over large distances
  • Power smart city solutions
  • Monitor farm livestock
LTE cellular connectivity range, power consumption, bandwidth, latency comparison table

LTE connectivity

Designed for better scalability and wireless broadband, LTE is leagues ahead when it comes to data-heavy applications.

  •  Stream security camera footage
  •  Equip enterprises or residents with broadband
  •  Enable top-quality communications in remote areas
USSD cellular connectivity range, power consumption, bandwidth, latency comparison table


Versatile, cost-effective, and highly secure, USSD is great for devices that need to both send and receive data. It’s perfect for solutions that rely on users taking action.

  • Build eCommerce platforms
  • Setup on-demand utilities
  • Run transport booking services
5G range cellular connectivity, power consumption, bandwidth, latency comparison table

5G connectivity

As a connectivity option like no other, 5G is opening up incredible possibilities across sectors. And now you can be the first to bring 5G to your customers.

Grab one of our new 5G routers and get 5G ready now.

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