Having trouble rolling out LTE-M roaming in the UK?

Connecting your customers’ IoT solutions doesn’t need to be this costly or complex.

We’re licensed LTE-M providers, so you can ensure consistent uptime for your customers’ IoT devices. It’s why we’re the go-to choice for LTE-M.

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The smart way to connect low power, low data devices

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Low power consumption
Enjoy long battery life (up to 10 years) and optimised energy management with standby phases for a more sustainable, profitable business
Deep coverage
LTE-M extends radio coverage by +8 dBm, and is ideal for areas with poor signal eg; underground deployments/ remote areas
Low latency and high throughput
It’s a must-have for critical low data devices, whether they’re on the move or static
Reliable and secure
Thanks to LTE-M’s unique licence authentication process your data is secure and protected
You only pay for the data you need, which cuts costs and boost profits
Extended range
LTE-M’s extra-wide range means you can connect over longer distances than traditional cellular networks
Peace of mind
Because we’re licensed providers of LTE-M you know your customers’ devices won’t get left out in the cold

Steady connectivity for tricky places

Our LTE-M provision connects static or mobile IoT devices in a huge range of scenarios where you don’t need high data – or the expense that comes with it.

It’s perfect for applications:

Around the world
Asset tracking and supply chain management
Where businesses need to monitor valuable assets like shipping containers, construction equipment, or vehicles, LTE-M helps them track locations and prevent theft.

LTE-M enables supply chain businesses to monitor cargo conditions, locate shipments, and ensure products are transported appropriately.

In the field
Smart agriculture and environmental monitoring
LTE-M connects a range of agricultural applications, like soil moisture sensors, weather stations, and GPS-tracked equipment. Farmers can monitor crop conditions and use the data to optimise yields.

To gather data on a range of terrains, scientists and researchers use LTE-M-connected sensors to track wildlife and monitor important environmental factors like air or water quality.

At home
Smart cities and smart homes
Smart cities, powered by LTE-M, benefit from a wide range of IoT applications, from smart street lighting and waste management sensors, to parking meters.

And as our homes get smarter and more automated, LTE-M reliably and securely keeps smaller-scale devices connected.

In the community
This sector increasingly relies on IoT patient monitoring devices. LTE-M delivers resilient uptime for these critical end-points, transforming patient care and outcomes.

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