Feb 28

12 things every IoT project needs

Often, when an IoT project is in development, the spotlight falls on the application. All of the buzz is around what it’ll do, how much easier it will make life, what revenue streams it’ll open up and how cool it’ll be when it works. Which are all great things to... read more →
Feb 28
4G vs 5G

5G vs 4G: what’s the difference?

It’s now been nearly a decade since the UK’s first 4G network was switched on; and what a glorious day that was for the consumer. Through 4G’s all-IP flat architecture that replaced 3G’s circuit-based telephony, we could stream our favourite shows on our commute, download entire albums and podcasts on... read more →
Jan 31

IoT market roundup and 2020 predictions

It’s 2020, and no longer is IoT a mystical, far-off tech fantasy. Slowly but surely, it’s becoming a household term for businesses—especially the ones that are ahead of the game.  And no wonder. The tech is at its most potent and secure; solutions are easier than ever to implement; and... read more →
Jan 31

What will 5G look like in 2020?

Hitting the headlines as early as 2014, 5G has gone from far-off pipe dream to one of the most eagerly anticipated tech breakthroughs of recent years.  When MNO’s set out their ambitious 5G timelines, many targeted 2020 as the year that we’d see widespread coverage. And with 5G reaching a... read more →
Dec 24

The 12 Days of IoT

On behalf of everyone in the Pangea Team, I'd like to wish you a wonderful holiday season! A big, heartfelt thank you for all your support this year—may the next be joyful and prosperous for you and your family. In the meantime, it gives me great pleasure to present to... read more →
Dec 20

Top 10 IoT blog posts of 2019

Kick back with our top IoT blog posts of 2019—from how to sell Multi-net SIMs and when to use a static IP, to nailing IoT security and debunking 5G myths. We've got tons of exciting content planned for 2020—and by signing up to our mailing list you'll be... read more →
Dec 04

Sectors and their top IoT solutions in 2020

One year ends, another year begins: which means it’s time for IoT predictions.  IoT and data-driven business used to be thought of as a bonus; something handy to have on top of everything else.  Not so anymore—businesses that don’t make the transition to data-driven decisions and IoT technology are now... read more →
Dec 04
Oct 31

New wireless protocol, Amazon Sidewalk: does it have legs?

What is Amazon Sidewalk? At their Seattle hardware event back in September, Amazon announced the Amazon Sidewalk: your friendly neighbourhood IoT network. Setting their sights beyond their e-commerce empire, Amazon has set out to build its own IoT network in order to fill a connectivity niche, plugging the gap between... read more →
Oct 30
Sep 30

LoRa and IoT: thick as thieves

What is LoRa?  LoRa stands for long range. And LoRa’s got a very long list of things going for it.  It’s a low power wireless network protocol—but what it lacks in power, it more than makes up for in range. It’s got very few barriers to entry. And last but... read more →
Sep 28
Aug 31

When to shoot for a static IP SIM (and when not to)

As your device’s unique identity on a network, IP addresses carry a hefty responsibility. They enable your device to access network resources, and in turn, allow other devices to access your device. Think of an IP address like a device’s phone number. You need one both to make calls out,... read more →
Jul 30

Could 5G replace broadband and Wi-Fi?

With 5G’s capabilities set to cover every nook and cranny of residential, commercial, and industrial requirements, there’s no doubt it’s going to give legacy network infrastructure a run for its money. But what does this mean for the mainstay connectivity types that we all know and love? Will 5G swoop... read more →
Jul 29

The data journey: an IoT architecture breakdown

When you’re designing and deploying an IoT solution, and you’re figuring out how all the moving parts connect with each other, things might feel a little less than simple. But most IoT solutions follow a similar formula—otherwise known as IoT architecture. In principle, this is the framework for the journey... read more →
Jun 27

Narrowing down the connectivity competition: a guide to NB-IoT

As you’ve probably guessed from its name, Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) is the narrower, bandwidth-light cousin of broadband. Narrowband represents lower bandwidth, which at first sounds like a drawback. But with lower bandwidth and throughput, there’s further reach and penetration: characteristics which are perfect for many IoT deployments.  A good way... read more →
Jun 25

Debunking the top three 5G myths

The fifth generation of wireless communication has finally arrived in the UK. Through its sky-high data rates, near-zero latency, and ultra-reliability, 5G is set to hammer out telecoms weaknesses and create opportunities that, until recently, we could only dream of. And even though it’s still in its infancy—5G’s got a... read more →
May 28
May 07

Have your connectivity cake and eat it too: the power of Multi-network SIM cards

The scope of IoT solutions is massive, ranging from simple data-gathering trackers that provide game-changing insights, to transformative solutions that enable entirely new services and functions. And for complex or mission-critical solutions, basic connectivity simply won’t cut it. That’s where intelligent connectivity comes in, providing the adaptive, resilient experience that... read more →
May 07

Cultivating success: the rise of agtech and IoT

Picture a farmer hard at work in the countryside. Easy, right? Hat being gently tousled by the breeze, muddied boots on their feet—and an IoT-equipped farmbot in tow. Agricultural technology—or agtech—is easily one of the fastest-growing sub sectors within IoT, despite potentially being the youngest. Since the global uptake of... read more →
Mar 29
Mar 06
Feb 28
Jan 31
Jan 31

IoT in 2019: what’s next?

IoT is anticipated to be a globe-spanning network of connected objects, consisting of vehicles, home appliances, wearable gadgets, sensors, electronics, security, logistics, manufacturing; the list goes on. And effectively all of the analysts predict exponential growth in IoT in 2019 and indeed, far beyond. The growth won’t only... read more →
Dec 22

2018’s trailblazer IoT solutions

IoT is rapidly moving from a ‘nice to have’ technology to a critical asset, and that’s clear in both the number and power of IoT solutions that cropped up this year. We’ve seen innovations that will significantly improve customer quality-of-life, deliver savings, and perhaps even save lives; all through devices... read more →
Dec 19

Top 10 IoT blogposts of 2018

We’ve rounded-up our top IoT blogposts of 2018 in case you missed them. From vertical forests and life with smart buildings to the power of 5G and picking the perfect connectivity, take a look at what we’ve been talking about this year. Stay ahead of the IoT game... read more →
Nov 30
Nov 09

Streamlined, smart, & safe: the IoT factory of the future

Since the mechanisation of the textile industry and the first factories in the 18th Century, manufacturing has undergone a number of game-changing revolutions. The 20th Century supplied moving assembly lines and mass production, quickly followed by the introduction of (dumb) robots, 3D printing, and computerisation in more recent... read more →
Oct 10
Oct 08

Channel Live 2018 panel | IoT: Do you need to specialise?

We snagged some great footage of our MD Dan Cunliffe in the ‘IoT—Do you need to specialise?’ panel talk at this year’s Channel Live. Watch the video to discover insights into new IoT revenue streams, and whether you need to gear up or branch out to seize the ample opportunities.
Oct 04
Oct 01

IoT and buildings: best of Buddies

What makes a building smart? Just like with IoT, the term smart building has a pretty broad definition. For instance, RCRWireless’s technical definition claims it refers to ‘any structure that uses automated processes to automatically control the building’s operations, including heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, security and other... read more →
Aug 28
Jul 30

IoT innovation in Israel: Pangea goes to Tel Aviv

Israel is fast becoming a wold hub for IoT, and this month we jetted out to Tel Aviv to get the lowdown on the latest IoT innovations happening right now, including smart cats eyes, IoT security advancements, and shipping container trackers. Watch our video to find out more. ... read more →
Jul 28
Jun 28

How to build your own IoT device

The concept of the Internet of Things lends itself well to the DIY crowd. Whether you’re a tinkerer, a maker, a student, or a prototype engineer at NASA, getting started with an IoT project is easy. The very properties of what makes IoT are the same properties that... read more →
Jun 15

Banking on IoT: How IoT is transforming finance

It’s safe to say the finance and banking sector hasn’t had the best decade (or two). Faced with a lagging economy, the industry is being pulled from multiple directions—from an increased demand for convenience and an always-on personalised service from consumers, to increased competition from FinTech startups, and... read more →
May 22

Big data analytics for SMEs

Every business benefits from Big Data Analytics (BDA), because of course, every business generates data. Whether it’s a large contact database for a marketing agency, an extensive data set from a nationwide array of IoT enabled temperature sensors, a vast array of credit card transaction logs, or a... read more →
May 10

IoT goes to school

The formula of education has pretty much remained the same over the last century. There’s a classroom, a teacher, a board, and desks. Students turn up, pen in hand, face the board, and listen to the teacher. It’s simple, but is it really the best formula for the... read more →
May 04

Sigfox success stories

Just like cellular, NB-IoT, and LoRA, Sigfox also has its own special place when it comes to IoT connectivity. But as one of an increasing number of players in the LPWAN (low-power wide-area networks) technology field, it can be difficult to know when you should propose Sigfox as part of... read more →
Apr 30

IoT: Keeping it Real

We’ve all heard the statistics. Research from Gartner suggests 20.8 billion connected devices will be in use by 2020, while IHS predicts a more generous 30.7 billion. But while the IoT market is exciting, all the statistics can make it difficult to “keep it real”. Beyond devices: What... read more →
Apr 01
Mar 28
Feb 23
Feb 09
Jan 29

“Do You Want To Buy Some IoT?”

“Do you want to buy some IoT?” “Certainly, would you like blue or red?” If only the IoT marketplace was that simple! It’s safe to say that in the past few years, the market for the Internet of Things has truly come of age. However, while there’s now... read more →
Jan 23

All About Analytics

The Pillars of Pangea If you’ve ever met with one of our Pangea sales team, you’ll have heard of the four pillars of our portfolio: Connectivity - Getting things talking. Devices - Hardware if you need it. Solutions - The whole end-to-end service wrap. Analytics - huh? [minti_spacer... read more →
Dec 25

Learning to fly in 2017

2017 had very interesting things as well as some very sad things in the number of high profile people who past away. We had the end of an era in the death of Hugh Hefner, one of the founding fathers of rock ’n’ roll, Chuck Berry and of course, one... read more →
Dec 24

2018: The Year of the IoT

The end of a calendar year, and the beginning of a new one is often a time for reflection. Most of us will take the time to think about what we have achieved, enjoyed, maybe even regretted in 2017. We could then consider what we will do more of, less... read more →
Dec 22

Top 10 IoT blogposts of 2017

With 2018 just around the corner, we've rounded up our most read IoT blogposts of 2017—just in case you missed them. Sign up to our newsletter here so you never miss a post. Here’s to a successful 2018!   Connectivity M2M SIM... read more →
Nov 10

Not all SIMs (or providers) are equal

We all use lots of data, right? Whether we use our devices for email, social media, navigation, remotely accessing systems, keeping in touch with clients or a range of other functions, a data connection is probably one of the most important things in our day to day lives.... read more →
Nov 09
Oct 05

Connectivity: Getting Access Right

How do I determine the right level of connectivity for my customers? Easy, just get your protractor and geometry set out! Today the connectivity market has folded itself into two key types of access—fixed and non-fixed. If you’re reselling these services in the channel or working on a... read more →
Oct 03

Dan Cunliffe interview | Channel Live 2017

In the second of our interviews at Channel Live, find out what our MD, Dan Cunliffe, had to say about what the major opportunities are for the Channel when it comes to IoT. Missed the first interview with Bernie McPhillips? Catch up here.   You... read more →
Sep 30
Sep 28

The why, how, and what of IoT

All great products, services, and solutions start with a why—a cause, a belief, a purpose. If you know why something matters, the how you do it and what you do follow on. And providing people, businesses, and organisations with IoT solutions is no different. Why you... read more →
Sep 26

Bernie McPhillips interview | Channel Live 2017

Which Industries have the greatest opportunities in IoT? Our Sales Director, Bernie McPhillips, gives his insight into what the Channel should be on the lookout for.   You might also be interested in: Watch: Dan Cunliffe interview | Channel Live 2017 What happened at Channel... read more →
Sep 22

What happened at Channel live 2017?

We recently had the opportunity to exhibit at the inaugural Comms Business Channel Live event at the NEC in Birmingham—an event launched in response to the need for a major event to serve the entire ICT Channel. As the Channel’s Choice for IoT, we’ve already helped many of... read more →
Sep 18
Sep 12
Aug 17
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Aug 02
Aug 02
Jul 26

Meet us at Channel Live 2017

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be exhibiting at Channel Live 2017, the UK’s only ICT trade specific conference. As the Channel’s choice for IoT, we’ll be showcasing our ecosystem of global connectivity, connected devices, and bespoke end-to-end IoT solutions, all underpinned by actionable analytics and access to our powerful... read more →
Jul 25

Just how smart is a Smart City?

Despite being responsible for the generation of 80% of wealth worldwide, cities are facing global economic, demographic, social, and environmental challenges. With estimates that 70% of the world’s population will live in cities by 2050, it is vitally important that our cities are able to meet and overcome these challenges.... read more →
Jul 20

Home smart home

From cars that drive themselves, to umbrellas that let us know when it’s about to rain and wearables that tell us if we’re healthy, we live in a world of technology with a few simple goals—to make our day to day lives easier, more efficient, and more comfortable. And these... read more →
Jul 05

The hour of power in IoT

… hopefully not literally! When planning IoT projects, there’s often one part that tends to get overlooked—power. The traditional M2M and telematics world was largely based on single-purpose sensors, e.g. a water meter reporting flow rate once a day. These devices would wake up, send their data, and then power... read more →
Jul 04

Selling IoT to your channel… where to start

Working within the partner channel, it’s key to begin with asking your prospect or clients what the “thing” or challenge is that they are trying to overcome when setting out to sell IoT products or solutions. This involves identifying where IoT fits within their business or simply what they need... read more →
Jun 27

On the honor roll: IoT in education

The education sector is not renowned as being an early adopter of technology—nor has it ever been. Even the move from slate to paper was seen as a death wish move in the classroom for teaching and learning outcomes. Just three years ago Michael Gove (the then education secretary) said... read more →
Jun 07
May 30
May 26

Putting the ROI in IoT

Discussions about ROI shouldn’t be the exclusive domain of Finance, Hedge funds, or Investment Bankers—ROI should be an everyday concern for all of us in any role. Whether you’re in sales, facilities, operations, support, or marketing, we should all be thinking and acting with commercial and business focus for our... read more →
May 22

Connected communities: IoT in the public sector

A lot of discussions regarding the Internet of Things have focused largely on consumer based initiatives—a vertical that has undoubtedly been at the forefront of driving the IoT market. But what about the public sector? Largely ignored due to being less glamourous than consumer wearables, innovation in this sector is... read more →
May 17

M2M SIM cards in 2017: Your top 10 questions answered

Last year, we answered your top 10 questions about M2M SIM cards—but in an ever-changing world of technology, IoT has proved itself to be one of the most fluid in terms of technological advancement, meaning there’s now a lot more ground to cover. So without further ado, let us present 2017’s... read more →
Apr 30
Apr 27

Vending and IoT: Putting the M2M in Mars Bars

Introduced almost a century ago, vending machines have been transformed by the technological capabilities of the Internet of Things. As mentioned by Rickard Andersson, Berg Insight senior analyst, “vending telemetry continues to improve in line with technology advancements, and decreasing costs of both equipment and connectivity services,". These technological advancements... read more →
Apr 21

Antennas: the last, last mile

Antennas on devices are what I like to think of as the “last, last mile”. Whereas in a fixed line world the last mile may be the copper or fibre from the exchange to the premises, in the cellular world this could typically be thought of the local cell tower(s)... read more →
Apr 21
Apr 19

Building IoT Partner Ecosystems

If you’re wondering what a partner ecosystem is, you aren’t alone—every partner ecosystem is different, and it can be difficult to define. So, let us begin by thinking about what an ecosystem is in a different context. An ecosystem in the natural world is a community of living organisms in conjunction with things... read more →
Mar 31
Mar 29

How is IoT shaping the retail environment?

Many discussions regarding the transformation IoT can bring to businesses have focused around the natural adopters of IoT, such as transportation and manufacturing, with other sectors seeing exponential growth such as SMART Cities, agriculture, and health. However, one area often overlooked is the end user focused  retail environment. Firstly, let's... read more →
Mar 27
Feb 27

The use of IoT in smart cities within Europe

There has been a big focus on smarter cities and we have seen more investment from both private and governmental bodies in different countries. Smart cities promote improvements in communication responses, the potential for remote control, and the development of interactive experiences for both public and private services. However today... read more →
Feb 24
Feb 22
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Jan 18
Dec 22
Dec 22

The future of IoT: What to expect in 2017

We’re all familiar with the predictions surrounding the Internet of Things, often forecasting an increase in the number of connected devices, skyrocketing adoption rates, and a consistent rise in levels of investment. As we reach the end of 2016, we have indeed experienced exponential growth in the world of IoT.... read more →
Dec 22

▶︎ Watch our 2016 Pangea Bloopers

Some things don’t always go exactly to plan when we’re filming our monthly vlogs. So this month we revisited the cutting room floor to bring you an early christmas present - a collection of our 2016 vlog bloopers. We hope you'll enjoy them as much as we have putting them... read more →
Dec 08
Dec 02
Dec 01

The service providers role in securing the IoT

With the growth we are seeing of IoT enabled devices, every company wants to get in and hop on the bandwagon. The first few companies are the pioneers, taking risky steps and spending to make their devices smart. Eventually C-level people see the opportunity and realise that being relevant in... read more →
Nov 21
Nov 02
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Sep 01
Aug 18

▶︎ Pi-GEA: a video interview with Chris

We’ve just launched the Pangea IoT Workshop! Our first project is the Pi-GEA Project, where our Operations Director Chris Romeika will combine a Raspberry Pi computer with Pangea M2M cellular connectivity, and experiment with sensors and data to showcase the business applications of IoT. Watch our interview below to find... read more →
Jul 28
Jul 28

Presenting the Pi-GEA Project

Hi everyone, If you are reading this post in our new Pangea IoT Workshop section, you probably know that Pangea specialises in all types of connectivity in the M2M and IoT world. However, all too often in the channel we simply shift the solution, rather than live and breathe the... read more →
Jun 30
Jun 14
May 26
May 26

How can analytics drive investment in IoT?

Gone are the days that businesses did not have access to the data gathered from their IoT applications. With growing investment in the market we now have access to the infrastructure we need to create and acquire the necessary data that will make the difference. In this series l will... read more →
May 23
Apr 29

▶︎ Partnering for Success: Pangea and Peplink

Watch our latest Pangea Partner interview with a specialised hardware provider called Peplink. Join Dan Cunliffe (MD of Pangea) and Andy Harris (Sales Director of Peplink) as they discuss the evolving market, innovation and partnering together.  
Apr 26
Mar 24
Mar 14

What is Wi-Fi’s place in the connected world?

As you all know, we have connected devices all around us. Take a look around your immediate environment – laptops, smart televisions, mobile phones, routers, cars, and yes, even perhaps a fridge or toaster! (we know it’s inevitable…). And beyond what you can identify with a sweeping glance, there is... read more →
Feb 23

Private or public? Which IP is best for me?

When purchasing SIM services you’ll often have the choice of a private or public IP. While it may seem that a public IP will have the best benefits, that isn’t always the case. Based around sensors, meters and discrete devices, the traditional M2M world has always concerned itself with one... read more →
Feb 18
Jan 29

▶︎ Partnering for Success: Pangea and Omnia

Watch our latest Pangea Partner interview with one of our dynamic telematics and fleet management partners OMNIA. Join Dan Cunliffe (MD of Pangea) and JP Taylor (UK MD of OMNIA) as they discuss the telematics market, what makes a good partner and their thoughts on working together.  
Jan 15
Dec 23
Oct 30

Smart collaboration drives Smart Energy

M2M and the Internet of Things are having a great impact across sectors. The sector with the highest adoption rate at the moment is Energy and Utilities, which reached a 37% adoption this year. The strong adoption rate can be explained by Government regulations on smart energy in many countries.... read more →
Aug 25

Is M2M and IoT really about toasters talking to fridges?

M2M and IoT: Two more acronyms that are appearing in today’s vocabulary more often. The general public don’t know exactly what M2M is and the possibilities it offers. It’s not just about connecting your fridge to your toaster, it’s about – as Pangea’s slogan states – Connecting Everything. Throw IoT... read more →
May 12
Apr 12

Mobile Data and the evolution of data pricing

Why do we even need to use fixed connectivity anymore? Its been an interesting topic since the launch of 4G and the mammoth speeds that are available over the LTE networks. Add in the ever present need to connect on the move, not only as people, but our things are... read more →