Find the perfect 4G and 5G-ready cellular router for your project

Whether you need traffic encryption on a powerful connection, a reliable onsite deployment on a construction site, or a simple pop-up office, we’ve got the perfect cellular router for you.

Explore our cellular routers

Up to 32 devices
Pangea Mi-Fi
If you’re working on the move or need a pop-up hotspot, our Mi-Fi is the perfect companion for wireless devices like tablets, laptops & mobile phones.
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Up to 64 devices
Pangea Soho router
Our high performance, 4G plug-and-play Soho router is ideal for small offices or on-site deployments that need maximum cellular throughput.
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Up to 64 devices
Pangea 4G Enterprise router
Our 4G Enterprise router provides outstanding, reliable, and secure connectivity for applications where staying connected is critical.
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Up to 64 devices
Pangea 4G Enhanced Enterprise router
Our 4G Enhanced Enterprise router is a high-speed powerhouse, with load balancing for smooth connections and dual-SIM automatic failover.
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Up to 150 devices
Pangea 4G Bonded router
Use our rugged 4G Bonded router to connect up to 150 devices with ease and keep them online with dual-SIM automatic failover.
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Up to 250 devices
Pangea 5G Enterprise router
Grab a plug-and-play 5G wireless router and equip your IoT & connectivity solutions with lightning-fast speeds and ultra-reliable low latencies.
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Get connected with the most agile cellular connectivity on the market.

All our 4G and 5G-ready cellular routers come complete with fully managed business grade mobile connectivity, as well as bespoke data plans tailored to your needs—so you can enjoy powerful, uninterrupted connectivity wherever you need to be.

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Connect anywhere, anytime

With connectivity across 960 networks around the world and seamless roaming between them, you’ll never struggle for uptime.

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Only the best networks

Our SIMs find the strongest signal with the highest capacity. They’ll give you the best connectivity possible—no matter where you are.
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Streamlined and simple

Enjoy total, real-time control over your SIMs—all made effortless through our powerful portal.
Find the right router for the job
Use this table to compare our cellular routers and find the one with the perfect specs for your project.
Pangea comparison table, showing a variety of 4G and 5G cellular routers
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