Broadband usage used to peak between 7 – 11pm. But now we’re cooped up inside—peak time is all the time.

So while you’re trying to work from home, your kids are in the living room playing Fortnite online. Your neighbours are listening to their eleventh podcast for the morning. And the whole nation has decided to rewatch all of Breaking Bad on Netflix at the same time.

All of which is breaking your broadband’s back.

How do you keep business as usual when there’s no bandwidth to spare?

Beef up your home Wi-Fi with a big data 4G Mi-Fi from just £29.50 per month

With as much or as little data as you need, guaranteed access to the best 4G mobile networks available, and a simple plug-and-play setup, adding a 4G Mi-Fi to your home office will solve all your connectivity problems while keeping the whole house happy.

Everyone wins.
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Big data 4G Mi-Fi bundle features:

Pangea 4G Mi-Fi features: Huge bespoke data packages
Huge bespoke data packages
Sort your digital needs with huge data tariffs of 100-500GB
Pangea 4G Mi-Fi features: Only the strongest networks
Only the strongest networks
Enjoy single network or unsteered Multi-network 4G SIMs that find the strongest network in your area and stick with it
Pangea 4G Mi-Fi features: Enjoy unrestricted bandwidth
Enjoy unrestricted bandwidth
Never worry about competing for bandwidth, with the best 4G business networks that never throttle traffic
Pangea 4G Mi-Fi features: Get connected in one working day
Get connected in one working day
Have it all at your doorstep and ready to go within one working day

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