Pangea office temperature and humidity

Using our IoT ecosystem, we’ve kitted out our office with sensors
that show us temperature and humidity in real-time.

View my Losant-powered widget "Inside versus Outside Temp/Humidity"
View my Losant-powered widget "Temperature and Humidity - Live Stream"
View my Losant-powered widget "Real-Time Temperature"
View my Losant-powered widget "Real-Time Humidity"
View my Losant-powered widget "Outside Temp"
View my Losant-powered widget "Outside Humidity"

Our IoT ecosystem

From sensors and gateways, to API’s and network connectivity, to management and analytics, we know how complex an IoT deployment can get—which is why we’ve designed an IoT ecosystem that makes the process as simple as possible.


Global Connectivity

Stay connected to everything, anywhere, anytime on a global scale with our Multi-network SIM cards.


Connected Devices

High performance, secure devices for anything, from a single iPad to a fleet of vehicles.


IoT Solutions

Award-winning end-to-end solutions across industries including construction, automotive and energy.


Actionable Analytics

Powerful platforms that make remote monitoring and control of IoT deployments effortless.