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Connect businesses and collect revenue from day one with our award-winning Pre-Ethernet solution

Average number of weeks taken for carriers to install Ethernet lines
Lost revenue (£) for every 10 Ethernet orders that are delayed
Number of days to connect users with Pre-Ethernet and start collecting revenue
Introducing Instanet™
Pre-Ethernet just got smarter
Find out more about how to upgrade your Pre-Ethernet
It’s well known that there are issues with the delivery of Ethernet lines in the Telecoms industry—some carriers take months to install services, leaving resellers waiting to receive payments for orders, whilst unhappy customers wonder when they’ll finally get connected.
Why wait?
Our award-winning Pre-Ethernet solution allows you to collect revenue from your Ethernet sales and provides end customers with instant connectivity from day one; a win-win scenario for both sides.

With our Pre-Ethernet you’ll:

Give your clients immediate connectivity
Sell Ethernet quicker than your competitors
Secure more deals
See revenue sooner
Maximise your profit

Furthermore, we’ll give you:

Any amount of data
Global coverage
Flexible terms & bespoke tariffs
Powerful hardware
Optional service add-ons
UK Delivery in one working day*

*Available on orders made before 2pm

Pangea Pre-Ethernet in 4 steps

1. 3G/4G Connectivity
Bespoke tariffs and terms that work with, not against your customers needs
2. Connect with a Pangea Router
Choose from a range of powerful, highly secure, and easy to set up routers
3. Add optional extras
Add to your service with a static IP for hosted products
4. The full package
Ethernet installed? Now convert Pre-Ethernet into On-demand Backup


Get started selling Pre-Ethernet

Contact us and our team will set you up with everything you’ll need to start selling Pre-Ethernet including:

Comprehensive product information

A marketing campaign toolkit

Bespoke pricing

A dedicated Account Manager

Access to our support team

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