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Global IoT Connectivity

With our multi-network SIM cards, we have the ability to connect you to anything, anywhere, anytime.

A network built for business

We only offer first grade business networks in the UK, so you can migrate your business customers to us with confidence.

Embrace the power of 4G

We have extensive 4G coverage in the UK, meaning more business applications in more areas.

Aggregate all your data

We can provide any number of SIMs, with any amount of data, so you can share your data across your business with no more nasty overage surprises.

180 countries, 650 networks

With connectivity in over 180 countries, across 650 networks we have the ability to connect you to anything, anywhere, any time.

Get the best connectivity for your device with Pangea.


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Pangea Management Portal

One simple dashboard designed with a comprehensive set of tools to make managing your SIMs effortless.

Our portal offers a simplified and real-time view of everything on your network, so you’ll always know exactly what’s going on. Whether it’s providing usage alerts, automated barring, or simplified provisioning, you’ll be able to access and control your SIM base from wherever, whenever.

Frequently asked questions:

SIM cards

What's so special about an M2M SIM?

In short, a lot!

High street SIM cards are only designed for consumer usage, and therefore have limited capabilities. Unlike a business, a typical consumer doesn’t need to see usage data in real time, have the ability to pool data usage across a number of SIM cards, have an API interface, require a CDR feed, or be able to place the SIM cards in a custom APN. M2M SIM cards allow for all these features.

Furthermore M2M SIM data packages are designed for a particular application and can have a certain “tariff” associated with them. For example, if your application only needs 10MB of data per month, you can tailor the tariff to that exact amount. This means we can give you the optimal pricing for your circumstances to ensure you’re not paying for data you don’t need.

What are the SIMs capable of?

M2M solutions come in many different forms, sometimes relying on technologies other than data. For example, SMS messaging and voice calls or CSD (“Circuit Switched Data”) calls are still prevalent in older systems. Our SIM cards support data, SMS, voice and CSD.

What type of SIM card do you offer?

We offer all the standard types of SIM cards – nano, micro and standard (also called “mini”).

We can also provide more specific types, such as more robust heavy duty SIM cards, and solderable SIM cards that can be soldered directly onto a circuit board for use in high stress environments.

How can multiple mobile networks work on a single SIM card?

We offer a single SIM card that can be considered to be “always roaming”, meaning the SIM card has no “home”. We’re able to apply a set of rules onto that SIM card which tell it what networks it can connect to around the world, as well as what services the SIM is allowed to use on those networks. For example, we can set a SIM to use voice and SMS only, or data only, or a combination of all three.

How do I manage / monitor my SIMs?

Managing and monitoring SIMs can be done through our online Pangea Portal. The portal allows you to see the SIM status, connection history, and data usage in real time. In addition, we offer a CDR feed and an API interface should you wish to integrate the management into your own existing systems.

How do I place an order?

You can order SIMs via:

  • Your Account Manager
  • The Pangea Portal
  • Email us using
  • The old fashioned way… call us on 0800 470 4070


Data and Connectivity

Will I get 4G on my IoT / M2M service?

In the past, M2M communications were synonymous with low data usage services, where speed and latency were not a primary concern. However, as the scope of what M2M and IoT devices widens more customers are specifying 4G as a requirement, meaning 4G is now available on M2M SIM cards

However, actually receiving a 4G connection is very much dependent on the coverage of M2M and mobile data where you’re planning to use the SIM card. Therefore, to give you the best chance of connecting to the most suitable network for that area, we have the ability to supply SIMs that can connect to multiple networks in a country.

It’s sometimes useful to use online coverage checkers that can predict the type of mobile coverage you’ll get in a certain area. Here’s one you can use for UK coverage.

What’s the smallest and largest amount of data I can order?

We can provide you with global connectivity across any amount of SIMs with as much, or as little data as you need. In the past, we have done data plans as small as 250KB, and as large as a terabyte. Just let us know what you need.

How much data do I need?

This is very much dependent on the your situation and your sector. Some applications in certain sectors like alarms, metering, vending and fleet management won’t need on average more that 5 or 10MB per month. Other applications that connect to the Internet on a more regular and frequent basis like taxi dispatching and track and trace connect will need a larger amount data that could reach around 100-200MB.

Other applications like onboard Wi-Fi, Rapid Deployment, or even Office Wi-Fi that could use much more data.

Trials with our partners and have given us following guidelines, based normal usage with no excessive streaming or downloading:

  • A Small office of about 5-10 people will use about 20GB per working month
  • A Medium office of about 15-20 people will use about 30GB per working month
  • A Large office of about 25-30 people will use about 40GB per working month

Isn’t data roaming expensive?

It doesn’t have to be. From a consumer perspective you might think it’s expensive, especially if travelling outside Europe. However, those prices are formulated based on known consumer usage patterns, as well as what the mobile networks think is a fair price for roaming.

For M2M SIM cards it’s possible to build custom roaming deals. For example, we can set you up with a SIM that is roaming in the UK and Italy only. Having a specific country roaming agreement in place will drive the price down because the costs are known, as opposed to setting a higher price due to the network having to predict where the consumer will be.

What type of IP address do I need?

When choosing IP Addressing it’s important to understand the requirements of the applications which will be using the connection. If the choice ends up to be a public IP, great care must be taken to ensure that the device is appropriately secured from the Internet to prevent unauthorised access.

Our article Private or Public? Which IP is best for me? will give you a comprehensive overview of what IP you might need. You can also get in touch with our team who can help you choose depending on your application.

Can I have static IP’s?

Yes, it’s possible to have public or private static IP addresses on your SIM cards. We can supply the public static IP addresses, or with a APN into your own data network you can use your own IP ranges and assign the IP’s yourself.

What type of APN do I need?

An APN can be thought of as a VPN through the mobile network to your data network. This means traffic from your SIM enabled device doesn’t have to traverse the Internet in order to get to your servers.

We can offer APN’s to allow you to assign IP’s of your choice, and provide a secure tunnel between your SIM enabled devices and your data network. Please contact our team, who’ll be able to help you in more detail.