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Watch our livestream and track Terence on a real-time map as he races in RideLondon—all powered by the Internet of Things

Sunday 30th July 2017 is RideLondon100 race day! Tune in from 6am and track the 100 mile course from the bustling streets of London to the scenic countryside of Surrey on the map below, or share the glory and cross the finish line alongside Terence in our Twitter livestream.

What is the Big Data Cycle?

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been using IoT devices to track our Business Development Manager, Terence le Poer Trench’s performance as he trains for RideLondon100 to help raise money for stem4 as part of The Big Data Cycle.

As well as using the data collected from the devices to improve his training strategies, Terence has collected data on pollution levels with a normal flow of traffic across the RideLondon route. We’ll be comparing these air quality results against the data collected on the same route when roads are closed on race day to see if traffic has a major influence on air quality levels throughout the day.

See a sneak preview of the data so far, and find out what it could mean for local environmental initiatives here.

Or, read more about the project and find out everything you need to know about IoT, the environment, and connected cycling in our interactive stories here.

How does the Big Data Cycle work?

In the Big Data Cycle, our IoT ecosystem partner WRD Systems, has provided us with the IoT device and firmware to give readings of air quality and rider performance. We’re then connecting this device using Pangea multi-network SIM cards, meaning Terence will always have high speed connectivity for seamless and accurate data collection. All information collected is displayed on an online portal—a portion of which you can see below in the form of the real-time map.

Find out more about how we designed and deployed the Big Data Cycle tech in our interactive story “Powering the Big Data Cycle” here.

How much has Terence Raised for stem4?

You can see how much Terence has raised for the teenage mental health charity, or sponsor him here (there’s still time!).

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