Pangea Enterprise router

Our highly secure Pangea Enterprise router gives you outstanding and reliable connectivity, perfect for businesses where staying connected is essential

  • Connect up to 30 devices simultaneously
  • Perfect for site deployments, Pre-Ethernet, and on demand backup
  • Ensures you stay online with dual SIM failover
  • External antennas mean you’ll always be able to receive the best signal
  • Use VPN functionality to encrypt all your sites traffic securely
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Key features:

Size (H x W x D) 80 x 106 x 46 mm

Dual SIM card capacity with failover rules based on data usage or time

External antennas included for WiFi, cellular, and GPS
Micro SD card slot

LTE up to 100mps download and 50mps upload

Guest WiFi network and authentication with splash page capability

Comprehensive firewalling capability

VPN capability

SMS out of band control and configuration

GPS location available with an external GPS antenna

Get in touch to order your Enterprise router

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Three steps to getting connected


Contact us to order your router, either by phone or via this form, and arrange a data package tailored to your needs.


All our routers are easy to set up – all that’s required is the SIM card we’ll send you with the router and the configuration of the Pangea APN. If you’re having trouble you can contact our support team who’ll guide you through the process step by step.


Connect all your devices and enjoy powerful, uninterrupted connectivity.